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Jim McFarlane, nationally and internationally recognized artist and popular teacher, is the current president and signature member of the American Watercolor Society. He is also a signature member of the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society, the Philadelphia Water Color Society and the National Society of Painters of Casein and Acrylics. He is past president of both the Philadelphia Water Color Society and the Greater Norristown Art League. 

He is equally comfortable painting traditional representational paintings and non-objective abstractions. Either way, his paintings are inspired by the close to home beauty of his native Pennsylvania and neighboring states, by his regular vacations in Maine, or by the quiet places or exotic sites encountered on his frequent trips abroad.  Jim finds the quiet solitude of a rural retreat and the clamor and cacophony of the city are equally of interest as subject matter.

In additions to his transparent work, he also paints in gouache...often on a collage base for added textural interest. Often color is the true subject of his paintings.

"If I knew every painting would be good every time, I would find no reason to paint. I'm always looking to learn and I'm as much a student as a teacher."
                                 • These are both recent paintings. The one on the left is of a backstreet in Giza, Egypt. The winds that blow in from the desert cover everything with dust and the heat can be oppressive, but it is fascinating country. Everywhere you travel in this country there is a juxtaposition of ancient and modern. The pyramids are around the corner, but so is a McDonald's !
                                 • On the right is a  depiction of a piazza in Alba, Italy during its Annual Truffle Festival. The town fills with people who come to buy rare....and expensive truffles...and all things made from truffles. During the festival the town is filled with art and people dressed in colorful costumes who take part in parades and medieval pageantry.
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